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Temperature: chemical, petrochemical, industrie
Temperature: particular applications
Thermo Wells, pockets
Pressure: chemical, petrochemical, industrie

Products catalog - without thermowell - S50-TC

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Configurator behavior 
Autoclose options after configuration
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Standard (S)
Intrinsic Safety Ex i / I.S. (J)
Increased safety Ex e (E)
Flamproof /Explosionproof Ex d / XP (D)
Non-Incendive NI (N)
Inset ø
3 mm (3)
4.5 mm (4)
6 mm (6)
8 mm (8)
1/8" - 3.18 mm ( R)
3/16" - 4.76 mm (S)
1/4" - 6.35 mm (T)
Thermocouple type
E -temperature range: -200...+ 800°C (E)
J -temperature range: -200...+ 750°C (J)
K -temperature range: -200...+ 1100°C (K)
N -temperature range: -200...+ 1100°C (N)
Precision element
IEC 60584-1 : cl. 1 (1)
IEC 60584-1 : cl. 2 (2)
ANSI/ASTM E230/E230M: cl. standard (N)
ANSI/ASTM E230/E230M: cl. special (on request) (S)
Sensing element
Insulated (1)
Grounded (2)
insulated, vibrations-proof (3)
grounded, vibrations-proof (4)
Electrical circuit
Single (1)
Double (2)
Sheath material
AISI 316/ 1.4401 (1)
Inconel 600/ 2.4816 (3)
For mounting
with terminal block (-)
with transmitter (price not included) (1)
with terminal block and transmitter (price not included) (2)
without terminal block, with flying leads (3)
Head type
Aluminium Rüeger -DIN B (B)
Aluminium SCCA (N)
Aluminium BUZ (D)
Aluminium BUZH E)
Aluminium Ex d (F)
Stainless steel SCCI (G)
Stainless steel Ex d (H)
Stainless steel XP (S)
Head mounting: 1/2" NPT, cable entry:
1/2" NPT (2)
3/4" NPT (N)
M20x1.5 (M)
adapter M20x1.5 (A)
Pg16 (P)
Cable gland
without (-)
Polyamide PA, for unarmored cable (P)
Nickel Plated Brass, for unarmored cable (L)
Nickel Plated Brass, single seal for armoured cable (M)
Nickel Plated Brass, double seal for armoured cable (N)
stainless steel, for unarmored cable (S)
stainless steel, single seal for armoured cable (T)
stainless steel, double seal for armoured cable (U)
Nipple AISI 316, N=40 (H6)
Nipple AISI 316, N=100 (H7)
Nipple AISI 316, N= non std (H9)
Nipple-Union-Nipple AISI 316, N=120 (J7)
Nipple-Union-Nipple AISI 316, N= not std (J9)
Telescopic lag extension AISI 316, N=125...200 (LH)
Fixed threaded tapered connection (52)
Without and without plug (--)
Without, with plug (4-)
Process connection
thread 1/2' NPT (R3)
Compression fitting 1/2'NPT, AISI 316 (C3)
Without connection (--)
extension length
N= ... (N)(min=40, max=1000)
N= 0mm (-)
N= 27mm ( C)
N= 40mm (B)
N= 100mm (M)
N= 120mm (U)
Nominal length
LN... (X)(min=50, max=100000)
none (-)
SIL 2 (2)
for explosive atmosphere:
SIL 2 + ATEX (S)
FM (US+CA Division classification) (F)
CSA (US+CA Zone classification) (C)
Calibration report
none (--)
3 points (3P)
5 points (5P)
2x 3 points (3D)
2x 5 points (5D)
without (-)
Label in with Tag (T)

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